Tuesday Meditation Class with Kadam Sue

7:30pm – 8.30pm

Each of these 60-minute classes helps us to explore Buddhist teachings and to develop and experience a deep inner peace by learning how to control our mind so that we can remain happy whatever is happening in our life.

The classes are presented in a way that is suitable for our modern world. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of Buddhist teachings and show how they can lead to deeper and deeper levels of happiness and inner peace.

The teachings in these classes are based on the book Modern Buddhism, which is the perfect companion for those attending. Each week is self-contained with a different topic being taught. The class contains a talk, two guided meditations, a brief prayer, and practical advice on how to carry Buddha’s teachings into our daily life.

Path to peace and happiness

4 Week course

8th June – What is real happiness?

15th June – How to be really happy

22nd June – Healing ourselves and others

29th June – Making quick progress

The Ultimate Nature of Reality

4 Week course

6th July – Introduction

13th July – Deepening our understanding

20th July – I, Me, My, Mine, Self: The Troublemaker

27th July – Practicing emptiness in our daily activities

Classes start at 7.30pm.

Online bookings should be made by 6.30pm.

Links will be sent out via email by 9pm.

Everyone is welcome.

60 mins

Cost £4.50

* Free for centre cardholders.

Available for 48 hours.

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