There are many benefits of becoming a Centre Card Holder:

1. Free unlimited admission to all classes, courses and retreats held at Kailash Centre.*

2. Free unlimited admission to any of our branch classes held throughout Wirral. *

3. By purchasing a centre card you will save money and also support the development of Kadampa Buddhism throughout the Wirral.

*This does not include food, a minimal charge is made for food , if required, during workshops or day courses.

Becoming a Centre Card holder is the most economical way to enjoy all our classes, courses and retreats.

If you attend classes regularly, your membership will represent substantial saving over paying for individual classes.

As classes you can attend are unlimited once you have paid your monthly fee of £30 (normally by direct debit) it also provides many opportunities to deepen your meditation practice and find lasting solutions to the challenges of daily life.

For more information see Neil at the centre or email: epc@meditationinwirral.org.uk

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