Half Day Workshops

Anxiety Workshop with Kadampa Teacher Neil

Saturday 15th January 2022

Experiences of worry and anxiety can have such a devastating impact on our daily lives, our daily well-being, and our future experiences. It is often very difficult to feel at ease, at peace within ourselves, fully engaged in the here and now and situations can feel so overwhelming. Through combining Buddhist meditation with teachings from Buddha into our daily life, it can help to positively change our daily life experiences into experiencing a more peaceful and joyful life, with the ability to totally transform our life. In this workshop, we will discover those teachings from Buddha that can help so much with our experiences of anxiety and also start to introduce practical meditations that can help us deal with and eventually overcome these experiences of anxiety. This workshop is suitable for everyone.

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Concentration Workshop with Kadampa Teacher Garry

Saturday 22nd January 2022

Nowadays we have so many distractions that it is rare to enjoy even a few moments of mental peace. However, by learning how to train in concentration and what we can be concentrating on, we will be able to keep a peaceful, focused, flexible and open mind even during our busiest days. Buddha said from concentration comes peace, when our mind is peaceful we will be happy all the time. We can start to develop this peaceful mind by improving our concentration and engaging in meditations on objects that will bring about experiences of peace and happiness. This workshop will open the door to us learning how we can develop our concentration which eventually leads us to an experience of permanent peace and joy. This workshop is suitable for everyone.

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