A Happy and Meaningful Life. 

Based on the book Modern Buddhism by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

w/c 26 Feb  – Inner Calm In Daily Life

w/c 4 March – The Path To Happiness

w/c 11 March – Freedom From Suffering

w/c 18 March – The Good Heart

w/c 25 March –  The Beautiful Mind Of Compassion

w/c 1 April  – Life Is Like A Dream


During this course of classes we  will look at how we can create more inner peace, happiness and meaning in our daily life.

To help with this, will be looking at the book ‘Modern Buddhism – The Path Of Compassion & Wisdom’


Modern Buddhism presents Kadam Lamrim, which is the complete path to enlightenment in a very accessible way

The book includes many meditations and ways to think that can help us in our everyday life.

This course is suitable for anyone, regardless of religion or experience.