Fulfilling Our Potential

7 Week Meditation Course


Week 1 (5th June) Enhancing our love

Week 2 (12th June) Trading places

Week 3 (19th June) Universally speaking…

Week 4 (26th June) The great wish

Week 5 (3rd July) A little bit of give and take

Week 6 (10th July) The Supreme Good Heart

Week 7 (17th July) The way things really are

From the depths of our heart, we want to be happy all the time, but we are not usually concerned with the happiness and freedom of others.

In reality, however, our own happiness and suffering are insignificant compared to that of other living beings.

Others are countless whereas we are just one single person.

Understanding that we must learn to cherish others will help us to fulfil our potential to transform our life from one of conflict and unhappiness into a state of reliable happiness that comes from within.

*This course is free for centre cardholders*

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