Using our Time Wisely Workshop

Saturday 13th March

With Kadampa Teacher Geoff


This course will explore the journey that all of us at some point will experience, the inevitability of being born is that one day we will die.  We will be considering Buddha’s teachings on death so that we can feel more at ease with accepting the impermanence we all experience by making the very best of our precious human life and at the same time preparing our mind so that we are peaceful at one of the times when it matters most in our life.


Meditation helps us to use our time wisely, it makes our mind more peaceful, calm and as a result a happier person.


Everyone is welcome.


Starts at 10am.


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Free for centre card holders/monthly subscription.


Booking should be made by 9am, email links will be sent out by 10am.


Links will be available to view until 27th March.