Meditation Workshop – Stress Free Living 

With Kadampa Teacher Geoff 


Sat. 28th October 10:30 – 1pm. 


£12 inc. complimentary refreshments


Discover methods to reduce tiredness, irritability, anxiety and stress with relaxing meditations and positive thinking.


In these challenging times most of us are experiencing the discomfort of anxiety. It can affect us in many ways: tiredness, irritability, loss of confidence, the list goes on and on. Anxiety can also lead to physical and mental sickness. Yet we don’t have to go there! Buddha’s teachings are open to everyone and give practical advice on how to bring our mind under control. On this retreat, Geoff will provide short, effective and practical advice on how we can begin to dissolve the discomfort of anxiety and guide simple meditations which directly oppose these often debilitating experiences

. Through taking this advice to heart and applying effort to our meditations we can find our way out of these painful states of mind and begin to live a life free from suffering.


Everybody welcome.