10th Dec : Refuge – Becoming a Buddhist

Refuge – Becoming a Buddhist


We know from experience that the everyday things of this world – our jobs, relationships, possessions, status, etc. – cannot supply us with real security or happiness. All of these things are fleeting. Finally, they vanish altogether. Establishing inner refuge in our mind and heart is the foundation for experiencing freedom and joy here and now….and on into the future.


At present because we are human, we are free from rebirth in the lower realms, and we may be free from physical suffering and mental pain, but this is only temporary. We are like a prisoner who gets permission to stay at home for a week, but then has to return to prison.


We need permanent liberation from the sufferings of this life and countless future lives. This depends upon entering, making progress on and completing the Buddhist path to liberation, which in turns depends upon entering Buddhism. We enter Buddhism through the practice of going for refuge.


In this day course and vow ceremony Sue will explain the causes of and methods for going for refuge. By receiving Buddha’s blessings and help from pure spiritual practitioners, Sangha, we will start to create Dharma realisations in our own heart. In this way we will start to protect ourself from suffering and forge a path out of samsara to the state of permanent liberation.


Everyone is welcome. However, the course is geared toward those who have been attending classes for a while and wish to move deeper into their practice.


Sunday 10th December

10 – 11.30 am Meditation and talk

12.15 – 1.15 pm Vow Ceremony


2.30 – 4 pm Meditation and talk

4.30 pm – 6.30 pm Offering to the Spiritual Guide


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