Mid-Week Meditation

This class offers a new series following the book, How to Solve our Human Problems, by our Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. This book explains how our negative states of mind cause endless problems and suffering, both for ourselves and others. It focuses in particular on solving the problem of anger and learning how to develop patience, even in the most difficult circumstances. There are also explanations of the nature of our mind and past and future lives.

Class themes

Weds 11th Nov: Understanding why we get angry

It is a very useful exercise to examine the kinds of situations in which we get angry. It is also very useful to learn new ways of dealing with these situations. In this class, we will learn what patience is and the benefits of practising it. We will then develop the determination to practise it in situations where we usually get angry.

Meditation: The benefits of practising patience

Weds 18th Nov: Learning to accept suffering

Since suffering is unavoidable, we should learn to accept it rather than fight against it. When we learn to accept difficulties patiently, the real problem disappears and our mind becomes clear and lucid. Discover how we can deal with life’s difficulties in a constructive way.

Meditation: A determination to practise patient acceptance

Weds 25th Nov: Replacing anger with compassion

Controlled by our delusions, we all engage in unskillful, inappropriate actions. Because of this, we suffer and cause others to suffer. In this class we will learn how to generate compassion for both ourselves and others as we unknowingly cause suffering while under the control of our delusions.

Meditation: Compassion

Weds 2 Dec: Retaliating is harmful

The best way to overcome our instinctive desire to retaliate is to combine patient acceptance with compassion. In this way, all our impulses towards anger and retaliation will subside.  We will explore the disadvantages of retaliation and ways of thinking that allow us to generate compassion instead of retaliating.

Meditation: A determination to generate compassion instead of retaliating

Weds 9 Dec: The mind is not the brain

Since happiness and suffering are within the mind, it is very important to understand what is our mind. The mind and body are separate entities. So what is the mind? We will investigate this topic and come to an understanding of the nature and function of our mind.

Meditation: What is our mind?