Find your Peace


A 7 week course beginning 2nd November

About the course

  • Learn how to gather and still your mind
  • Find peace in and out of meditation
  • Develop wisdom to dispel negativity from your life
  • Discover how enlightenment is possible

One of the main goals of meditation is to give rise to mental peace, through which we can develop and maintain a peaceful mind all the time.  Inner peace is something we all have, we just need to find the methods to access this inner source of happiness.

In this course, you will learn how to cause your mind to quickly become still and calm and discover how to concentrate on this peace in meditation.

Using the wisdom from Buddha’s teachings on the mind (Mahamudra), combined with special methods to provoke great insight we can access deeper and deeper levels of inner peace.

These explanations are not taught often, and although they are rooted in Buddhist wisdom, everyone can practice them.

They cause deep inner peace and they will help you to see through the difficulties and distractions that often crowd your mind stealing our happiness.


2nd Nov~      Finding Peace in Meditation

9th Nov ~      Escape from Distractions 

16th Nov ~    Letting Go of Painful Thoughts

23rd Nov ~    Believe there is Peace Within 

30th Nov ~    Go Deeper with Wisdom

7th Nov ~      Permanent Peace of Tantra

14th Nov ~    The Goal of Tantric Meditation


These classes will be available in two formats:


I hour 15 minute class with Kadam Sue Holmes:


Monday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Monday £4.50*

Tuesday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Tuesday £4.50*


For class with Kadam Sue, please book here:


1 hour class with Garry;

Thursday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Thursday. £3.50*
Remains live until 8pm Friday

For class with Garry, please book here:


* There is also the option to subscribe to a temporary monthly centre card for £30 which entitles you to join all regular classes as well as any short courses and workshops.


Please note: This does not include special events


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