Don’t stop me now!


A new 4 week course beginning Sunday 31st May.


This short course of 4 x 45 minute classes with Kadampa teacher Neil, will begin by exploring our “Go to” places for happiness.


We will then discuss the links between Buddha’s teachings and happiness, empowering us to practice these teachings for ourself, for a more peaceful and happy life.


Once we experience the value of these teachings in our daily life there will be no stopping us and our happy minds will continue to grow.


Class 1. Where?

Where do we normally go for our happiness?


Class 2. Why?

Why do we need Buddha’s teachings in our lives?


Class 3. Who?

Who is responsible for our happiness?


Class 4. What?

What can we do to increase our happiness and inner peace?


£3.50 per class or book all 4 for discount price of £12.

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