New Year, New Me , New Life 


12th -15th  January 2024 at Kailash Buddhist Centre. 


A Transformative journey into meditation and spiritual paths that leads to peace and happiness.


In this retreat we will be guided by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s book : The Mirror of Dharma With Additions. How to find the real meaning of human life    


Friday 12th January


7-8:pm Introduction session : What is meditation and an  explanation of the format to the retreat 

Session Times(Sat, Sun and Mon) 9-10am 11-12am 2-3pm 4-5pm

This weekend retreat is open to everyone….Kadampa Teacher Neil will guide us in transforming our mind from negative states into positive states through engaging in the pure spiritual practices during this meditation retreat. 


Through this we can transform our mind from a state of conflict and unhappiness to one of pure and reliable happiness that comes from within.


Meditation schedule for Sat, Sun and Mon : 


We will recite Liberating Prayer and Prayers for Meditation in each session. (see Prayer Booklet or MoDWA Appendix 1V)

Suggested reading – The Mirror of Dharma With Additions 

Saturday 13th January


9am – A shift in emphasis – Meditation on The preciousness of our Human Life  (p64-p68)

11am – Feeling at peace with Buddhist teachings on Death –  Meditation on Death (p68-p72) 

2pm – Our Great Protector -Meditation on Going for Refuge (p76-p80) 

4pm Why me ? Why now? –  Meditation on Karma (p80-p84)

Sunday 14th January


9am – Get me out of Here – Meditation on Renunciation (p85-p104) and I, Me, Mine, Ouch !- Meditation on Self Grasping  (p115-137) 

11am – The Actual Path to Liberation- Meditation on the Three Higher Trainings (p107-P111 and No More Suffering- Meditation on our Determination to Attain True Cessations (P111-114)

2pm – A solution to our daily problems and cause of happiness – Meditation on Cherishing all Living Beings (P115 – P118)

4pm –  A wish to Help Others – Meditation on Universal Compassion (P118 – 121)

Monday 15th January

9am – A Bodhisattva’s Path – Meditation on Supreme Good Heart Bodhichitta (P121-124)

11am – A Path to Enlightenment – Meditation on our Determination and Promise to Sincerely Practice the Six Perfections (P124-130)

2pm – Free Our Mind – Meditation on Emptiness (P130-P133)

4pm – Powerful Blessings – Meditation on Relying on our Spiritual Guide (P133-P135) and Dedication (P136) 

Suggested Donation : £3 per session. Free to Centre Card Holders.