COVID-19 Restriction Guidelines

Pre-booking is required for in-person classes so that we can provide classes to a safer number of people and in accordance with social distancing guidance. Pre-booking is required for people with a centre card or without. For those people without a centre card, you will be able to book via PayPal for classes or pay at the door via cash payment. However, Prayers for World Peace will still be a free class so no payment is required. 


It is important however to reiterate that we ask everyone to register for classes online via our website as we can only admit entrance to the centre to those who have booked a place. Some information will be required to register for classes so that track and trace information can be provided should this be needed.  Kailash Buddhist Centre doors will open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of each class. Upon arrival, each person will have their temperature checked via a digital non-contact thermometer. Each attendee will be guided into the meditation room by our assistants. We ask that people bring their own masks and the wearing of masks is encouraged at all times unless exemption is identified, in which case we would ask that each individual exempt from wearing a mask indicate this upon booking. We would also ask that people use hand sanitiser and keep a 2-metre distance from others at all times.


The numbers of those exempt from wearing a mask are restricted due to the facilitation of social distancing and face coverings must be worn at all times. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, there will be reserved seating within the meditation room. You must sit in this section for your own and others protection. Please do tick on the registration form if you are exempt as we will need to make the necessary arrangements to help accommodate as many people who are exempt as possible to attend.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support in helping people who attend the centre keep safe and happy whilst attending. We are a work in progress but we are delighted in taking these small steps to what we hope will lead to a wider scope of attendances at the centre in the future and at the appropriate time. We are so looking forward to seeing you all in person once more. 


Summary points:

  • On line registration (pre-booking)  is required to attend all classes 
  • Information may be used for track and trace purposes 
  • Doors open 15 minutes before the start of each class 
  • Please bring your own mask and wear at all times, unless exempt in which case please notify us via the online registration form 
  • Spaces are restricted for those exempt from wearing a mask due to social distancing guidelines
  • Upon arrival, temperatures will be checked via a digital non-contact thermometer
  • We also ask that people use hand sanitiser and keep a 2-metre distance at all times
  • Classes will continue to be available online 
  • Currently and unfortunately we will not be able to offer refreshments at this time 

Please register for in-person classes here