Amitayus Retreat: 19th-21st Feb

On this retreat, guided by Kadam Sue, our Resident Teacher we have the opportunity to increase our lifespan, merit and wisdom, through the special meditation practice of Buddha Amitayus.


There is nothing more precious than our life. Because we have a precious human life, we have the opportunity to experience both temporary and ultimate happiness. We usually regard material possessions as very important and put much effort into acquiring them, but in reality, our human life is our most important possession. If we lose our life, we shall have no opportunity to enjoy a human life, to practice Buddha’s teachings and to actualise our potential for enlightenment. Therefore in order to complete our spiritual journey to temporary and ultimate happiness, we need to increase our lifespan, merit and our wisdom. The principal method for doing this is the Yoga of Amitayus.


Suggested Timetable


Friday 19th
7pm Introduction


Saturday 20th
Session 1: 9am
Session 2: 11.30am
Sesssion 3: 4.30pm


Sunday 21st
Session 1: 9am
Session 2: 11.30am
Session 3: 4.30pm


Everyone is welcome.


Cost £15


Please book here:



Free for centre cardholders/monthly subscription.


Booking should be made by 6pm on Fri 19th February.  For those with monthly subscription/centre cardholders, the links will be sent out automatically by 7pm on Friday 19th February.


You will be able to view these sessions until 8th March.