Seize the Day!


Please note there will be NO CLASSES during the NKT-IKBU International Summer Festival 24th July – August 7th


Starting in August: A new 3 week online course :


This short course will be looking at how we can use different Buddhist teachings to maximise our potential for happiness both now and in the future.


August 10th: Make hay while the sun shines

August 17th: A stitch in time.

August 24th: A bad workman blames his tools.


These classes will be available in 2 formats:


I hour 15 minute class with Kadam Sue Holmes:


Monday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Monday £4.50*

Tuesday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Tuesday £4.50*


Both of these classes are the same format, and remain live until 8pm Thursday.


1 hour class with Kelsang Lamshe:


Thursday 7pm , must be booked by 6pm Thursday *£3.50

The class remains live until 8pm Friday.


Booking info: Please see terms and conditions here


For class with Kadam Sue, please book here:


For class with Lamshe, please book here:


* There is also the option to subscribe to a temporary monthly centre card for £30 which entitles you to join all regular classes as well as any short courses and workshops.

Please note: This does not include special events

To subscribe please see here