Dealing with stress through Meditation.

A new 4 week course beginning 31st Aug.


Imagine living without stress and tension – a life free from worry, anxiety and the many daily problems these negative states of mind create.

In this short series of classes we will look at how meditation can beat stress and help you to be more relaxed, peaceful and positive in daily life.

Train in powerful stress-busting techniques derived from ancient Buddhist wisdom, face life’s adversities with a happy heart, learn how to deal with “difficult people” without getting angry, and transform hardships into opportunities for spiritual growth.


31st Aug: Understanding stress

7th Sept: Finding relief

14th Sept; Creating positivity

21st Sept: Learning Acceptance.


These classes will be available in 2 formats:


I hour 15 minute class with Kadam Sue Holmes:


Monday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Monday £4.50*

Tuesday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Tuesday £4.50*

Both of these classes are the same format, and remain live until 8pm Thursday.


1 hour class with Kelsang Lamshe:


Thursday 7pm , must be booked by 6pm Thursday *£3.50

The class remains live until 8pm Friday.


Booking info: Please see terms and conditions here


For class with Kadam Sue, please book here:


For class with Kelsang Lamshe, please book here:


* There is also the option to subscribe to a temporary monthly centre card for £30 which entitles you to join all regular classes as well as any short courses and workshops.

Please note: This does not include special events


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