Meditation Workshops

Kailash Centre hold regular three  hour Meditation Workshops once a month on Sundays.
They are a great practical introduction and a lovely relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Refreshments are served during the break at all of our workshops.
Booking is available on-line, at the centre or your community venue class, or by phone.

Booking £12

Centre Card Holder  (with food) £2.50

Centre Card Holder (without food) £0



Workshops Sept – Dec  2018 will be held on Sundays 2-5pm


9th September -Learn to Meditate


A practical workshop introducing what meditation is, how beneficial it is for everyone, and how to start a regular and effective meditation practice.


14th October – Understanding your mind

By using this understanding to gain control over our mind, we can learn to enjoy authentic inner freedom and happiness



11th November – Overcoming Anxiety


Learn how meditation and mindfulness can help us gradually gain control over our feelings of anxiety and stress, enabling us to remain calm and relaxed in all situations.