Helping the World through Meditation : Half day workshop


10.30am Saturday 18th April


NB: Booking closes Saturday 9.30am


This half day online workshop will consist of 2 sesssions and will become available online at the above time.

Session1 : 1hour 15 minutes

Session 2 : 1 hour.


If you book for this workshop it will remain available to view until Sunday 19th April 9pm.


Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and powerless when we and others around us are in pain and struggling. 

Buddha teaches that we are all interconnected. Therefore through our good heart and wish for an end to problems and challenges we can impact both ourselves and others. 


In these sessions we will focus on two magical meditations called the practice of taking and giving.  We will use our imagination to feel that we are helping both ourselves and others to be free from challenges and that we all experience some relief, peace and calm. 


Kadam Sue will explain these sublime meditations and then guide us through them in order for us to gain some confidence and experience.


Cost of Workshop £9. *Centre card holders free.


A link to the course will be sent to you 30 minutes before the course starting time .


*You can currently purchase a 1 month temporary centre card for £30 at the bottom of this page. This will give you one months access to all our regular online classes as well as this workshop.

Should the lockdown end before your centre card expires you can attend *any of our classes on the Wirral, until your expiry date.

*(Foundation programme is not included as this is a study course not a drop-in class)