Class titles

Each block of classes has a general theme, but each week is a self contained class with an individual title, so there is no need to have attended the other classes in the series to benefit from any individual class .

These classes are taught both in Kailash Centre and in each of our branch classes across the Wirral, so there is plenty of opportunity to find a time and venue to suit.

The classes are taught in clear and easy-to-understand way. They are suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience of meditation. Each class is self contained. So, you can simply drop in whenever you can, or attend the whole series if you are able to do so.



Sept 30th – Oct 25th


Theme : Taming your wild side


Life rarely follows our master-plan.

From small daily niggles to difficult events and situations, life has a habit of throwing us off course.

We often react with a mind which is out of control and find it hard to remain positive.

In this course of classes we will explore how we can approach these difficulties in a more constructive, controlled way, to enable us to maintain a more peaceful happy mind.


Week commencing:

Sept 30th : How we react when things go wrong

Oct 7th : Is anger helpful

Oct 14th : Becoming more tolerant 

Oct 21st : Be a true hero


Nov 4th – Nov 29th


Theme : Making the most of every day


How time flies!

We are often so busily involved with the intricacies, problems and worries of daily life that we don’t notice how quickly life is passing us by.

In this course we will take time to explore different ways of viewing our life so that we can make the most of every day.


Week commencing:

Nov 4th : Its my life.

Nov 11th : What’s Karma got to do with it?

Nov 18th : Take a reality check

Nov 25th : Addressing the balance.


Dec 2nd – Dec 20th


Theme: The Power of Love


Love is a very powerful positive mind which protects us from developing jealousy, anger and other harmful thoughts.

We often feel it depends on the “loveability” of other people in our life for us to develop this mind of love, however in this course we will discover that this powerful mind comes from our side and if we hold a loving mind towards everyone this will prevent us from developing negative feelings or feelings of loneliness.


Week commencing:

Dec 2nd : Who matters most?

Dec 9th : A wish from the Heart

Dec 16th : A Christmas practise : Taking and Giving


January 6th – 31st.


Theme: Improve your daily life.


We often approach the New Year with the thought “This year is going to be better than the last”.

Yet again we plan all the things we are going to change: our job , partner , home , appearance , but we miss the one thing that can actually make a huge difference to our life.

Find out more in our 4 week course and begin your New Year with a new determination!


Week commencing:

6th Jan : Creating some space

13th Jan : Keeping the peace.

20th Jan : Becoming your best self.

27th Jan : Expanding our view.