Class titles

Each block of classes has a general theme, but each week is a self contained class with an individual title, so there is no need to have attended the other classes in the series to benefit from any individual class .


Class Titles Sept – Dec 17



The outlook is positive

Discover some simple techniques to develop a positive enjoyable life and move away from negative feelings and attitudes


w/c 4th  Sept  : Intro to Meditation & Mindfulness

w/c 11th Sept : Seize the day 

w/c 18th Sept : Create the life you want 

w/c 25th Sept : Get me out of here

w/c 2nd Oct  : Address the balance 

w/c 9th Oct   : Relating to others differently 

w/c 16th Oct  : Is it just me?


Set yourself free

Learn how to expand your view and discover your true potential for a happy life


w/c 30th Oct   :Protect yourself 

w/c 6th Nov    :Trading places

w/c 13th Nov  :Set them free! 

w/c 20th Nov  :Training for Freedom

w/c 27th Nov  :Perfecting your good qualities 

w/c 4th Dec     :Find your focus

w/c 11th Dec   :Life is a dream

w/c 18th Dec   :Having a truly happy Christmas