Class titles

Each block of classes has a general theme, but each week is a self contained class with an individual title, so there is no need to have attended the other classes in the series to benefit from any individual class .

These classes are taught both in Kailash Centre and in each of our branch classes across the Wirral, so there is plenty of opportunity to find a time and venue to suit.

The classes are taught in clear and easy-to-understand way. They are suitable for complete beginners and those with more experience of meditation. Each class is self contained. So, you can simply drop in whenever you can, or attend the whole series if you are able to do so.




Jan 7th – Feb 15th
Theme: Turn your life around

Learn how Buddha”s teachings can help us develop the happy life we all wish for. 


Jan 7th :The Real Deal
Jan 14th: Creating space 
Jan 21st: Keep your focus 
Jan 28th: Open your heart
Feb 4th: Loosen up 
Feb 11th :Let it go


Half term Feb 18th – 22nd 


Feb 25th – April 5th 
Theme :Solving our daily problems 

If we learn to respond to difficulties with a positive state of mind they can become opportunities for growth and development rather than situations that provoke negative states of mind and unhappiness. 


Feb 25th:The truth of the matter
Mar 4th: What is the problem? 
Mar 11th: Why do we get angry? 
Mar 18th: Accept the challenge 
Mar 25th:Think about it.
Apr 1st: Don’t retaliate!


Spring Break April 8th – 14th


Apr 15th – 24th May 

Theme : Overcoming negativity
Discover the root causes which destroy our peace and contentment and cause our mind to be ill at ease


(Bank Holidays 19th & 22nd April, 6th May)


Apr 15th: Don’t be mistaken 
Apr 22nd The Inner Enemy 
Apr 29th Inflated view
May 6th Avoiding confusion
May 13th End uncertainty
May 20th Seeing clearly 


Half term  27th – 31st May

Jun 3rd – July 5th 

Theme: Changing our mind

Discover how reversing our normal way of thinking can help us see things more calmly and peacefully. 


Jun 3rd: Its all about me.

Jun 10th: All the Happiness in the world 

Jun 17th: Friend or Foe? 

Jun 24th: Inner enemies 

Jul 1st: Stop that thought


July 8th – July 25th 

Theme: Use your Wisdom. 

Learn how Buddhist teachings on reality can lighten our life. 


Jul 8th: It all depends…

Jul 15th:The stuff dreams are made of. 

Jul 22nd: What is Reality