A change for the better.

Please note there will be NO CLASSES during the NKT-IKBU International Summer Festival 24th July – August 7th


Beginning Monday 22nd June.


By learning how our mind works in relation to Karma and our daily reality, we can use this knowledge to transform our life into something more peaceful, happy and meaningful.


Week 1. 22nd June. Mind how you go.

Week 2. 29th June . A win-win situation.

Week 3. 6th July. What you see is what you get?

Week 4. 13th July. The stuff dreams are made of.

Week 5. 20th July. Is it for real?


These classes will be available in 2 formats:


I hour 15 minute class with Kadam Sue Holmes:


Monday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Monday £4.50*

Tuesday 7pm, must be booked by 6pm Tuesday £4.50*


Both of these classes are the same format, and remain live until 8pm Thursday.


1 hour class with Kelsang Lamshe:


Thursday 7pm , must be booked by 6pm Thursday *£3.50


The class remains live until 8pm Friday.


Booking info: Please see terms and conditions here


For class with Kadam Sue, please book here:


For class with Lamshe, please book here:


* There is also the option to subscribe to a temporary monthly centre card for £30 which entitles you to join all regular classes as well as any short courses and workshops.


Please note: This does not include special events


To subscribe please see here