Privacy Notice

Kailash Buddhist Centre is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.

Lawful Purpose to hold personal data

Kailash Buddhist Centre’s purpose is to promote the Buddhist teachings of the New Kadampa Tradition. The Centre will only use personal information or data to inform people about meditation courses and events run by the New Kadampa Tradition.

Kailash Buddhist Centre will not in the course of its normal day to day duties share any personal information with any other organisation including other Kadampa Buddhist Centres or Kadampa Meditation Centres or Kadampa Temples.

Kailash Buddhist Centre is a residential centre. The centre will hold personal information of the residents who live there. This information will be held for the duration of their residence and 6 months thereafter. No personal data of residents will be shared with other organisations.

Mailing List

Kailash Buddhist Centre will hold personal data on members of the public who have chosen to submit their details to be held in a mailing list.

The data held will be limited to name and email address.

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Booking for courses

Contact details of people who book for courses will be held until the course has taken place. This will typically mean name and telephone number.

Details of people who book for courses will not be automatically entered onto the mailing list.

Details of people who book for and attend courses will be destroyed within 5 days of the course having taken place.


People are able to make financial loans and donations to the Centre if they choose to do so. Personal information on these kind benefactors will be held so that we keep accurate records in order to re pay the loan. This information will be held for the duration of the loan and 7 years thereafter to ensure we keep accurate and transparent financial records. Personal information of people who have made donations will be held for 5 years after the donation was made to ensure we keep accurate and transparent financial records.

Centre Card Holders

The Centre offers a facility called a Centre Card. These cost a fee per month and gain the holder access to all General Programme meditation classes free at the point of access and a discounted cost for all day courses. The Centre will hold the personal details of centre card holders for the duration that they remain centre card holders at Kailash Buddhist Centre. Their personal information relating to the centre card will be destroyed if they choose to no longer have a centre card.
Gift Aid

People who make financial contributions to the Centre such as donations, centre cards subscriptions , payments for Foundation Programme may choose to donate under the Gift Aid framework. Their personal details will be held for this purpose only and kept for 7 years to ensure we keep accurate and transparent financial records.

Foundation Programme

The Centre will hold personal information on people who attend the Foundation Programme study programme. The data will be held in order to contact attendees to keep them up to date on class dates and times and the details of the study programme. This information will be destroyed if people choose to leave the Foundation Programme.

Regular Attendees of General Programme (GP) Classes

If people who regularly attend General Programme classes may choose to give their contact details to the class teacher. This information is used to keep in touch about classes, new term start date dates and general reminders. It is not necessary to give this information to attend any or all GP classes, it is always given voluntarily. This information is kept on the class teachers mobile phone which are password protected. Contact details may on occasion be shared with other GP class teachers if they cover the class in the absence of the regular class teacher. These details are not shared with any other organisation and are destroyed after 6 months from when a person no longer attends class.